What is sowla?

Author: Atira Meade

“Sowla, sowla” is a term that is now obsolete, and used to be a cry or call for attention according to Oxford English Dictionary. (910) The inclusion of this word is included in all versions, with a slight spelling variation, sowla and sola.The dismal of the “w” is just a reflection of language changing over history, such as when “u” translates to “v”, in the title Loue’s Labour’s Lost or when the characters have slightly different spelled names such as the Princess being the Queen or Costard being shortened to Clo., which is short for clown: Costard the Clown.  

Sowla can be roughly translated to “hey there” or “yo”. It is sort of like a greeting simply meaning to get someone’s attention. This cry is only found written by Shakespeare in Love’s Labour Lost. It is found at the end of Act 5 (in VERSE) after Costard describes Berowne as a simple fellow and  one that caring and loves hard. After shouting and saying sowla Costard exits the stage running. So, if you ever want to get someone’s attention do not say excuse me, or hey you, or yo, just simply say “sowla” with confidence!