The Villanova Emends & Reads Shakespeare Edition (VERSE) is a digital humanities project to allow university students to read, comprehend and appreciate the works of Shakespeare for educational purposes while learning methods for analysis as a scholarly endeavor, including some basic systematic textual and hermeneutical techniques. The impulse of VERSE is neither to re-construct diplomatic copies of play-texts nor to create a critical edition in any sort of authoritative way.

VERSE editors are collaborators with Shakespeare, and each other, by presenting an annotated edition that aids understanding and study while honoring both the language and meaning of the Bard’s works and words. This project is designed to create a dynamic living document which will enable reading with understanding, including dramatically, the plays of Shakespeare.




Contributors: Students in Augustine and Culture Seminar course 1001-19 (Spring 2017)


Digital Scholarship Liaisons: Laura Bang & David Uspal


Edition Coordinator: Darren G. Poley


Special Thanks:

Michael Foight & Demian Katz, Falvey Memorial Library

Augustine and Culture Seminar Program, Villanova University