The Villanova Emends & Reads Shakespeare Edition (VERSE) is a digital humanities project to allow university students to read, comprehend and appreciate the works of Shakespeare for educational purposes while learning methods for analysis as a scholarly endeavor, including some basic systematic textual and hermeneutical techniques. The impulse of VERSE is neither to re-construct diplomatic copies of play-texts nor to create a critical edition in any sort of authoritative way.
VERSE editors are collaborators with Shakespeare, and each other, by presenting a unique dynamic edition that aids understanding and study while honoring both the language and meaning of the Bard’s works and words. This project is designed to create a living document which will enable reading with understanding, including dramatically, the plays of Shakespeare.



Contributors: First-year Villanova University students in “Moderns” courses Spring 2016 (ACS 1001-24), Spring 2017 (ACS 1001-19), and Spring 2018 (ACS 1001-25)


Coordinator: Darren G. Poley, ACS instructor


Ongoing digital scholarship liaison: David Uspal, library technology developer


Special Thanks:

Augustine and Culture Seminar Program, Villanova University

Laura Bang, Michael Foight & Demian Katz, Falvey Memorial Library